Open source configuration management and automation

Why use MetaConfig?

Efficiency: Save money

With MetaConfig common tasks such as OS installation, system configuration, virtual machine management, virtual resource allocation are automated.

MetaConfig will enable a system administrator to manage hundreds or thousands of servers. A task that would normally require an IT team of considerable size. Thus, organisations can utilize their IT staff for more interesting and profitable tasks than system configuration.

Increase reliability

MetaConfig ensures a configuration that is maintained congruent with the specification at all times. This ensures a reliable production environment.

An audit trail makes it easy to see what changes has been specified at what time. This gives a significant reduction in downtime through easier diagnostics and error correction.

Furthermore, with MetaConfig it is possible to roll back to a last known good configuration until an error has been located and fixed.

Improve security

MetaConfig provides unique security properties such as guaranteed compliance with security policies and standards. The enforced audit trail helps protect against internal threats such as rouge employees attacking the system from the inside.

How does it work?

  1. Define: Define the desired configuration using MetaConfig's declarative specification language.
  2. Simulate: MetaConfig compares the current state of the system and produces an execution plan, so you can see and approve changes before applying them.
  3. Apply: Apply the changes, thus enforcing compliance with your definition.
  4. Verify: MetaConfig will continously check the state of the running system and verify that the system is in compliance with your definition.

Where do I start?

Getting started with MetaConfig is easy. It uses two domain-specific languages for specifying configuration and file templates. The DSLs are designed to be easy to understand for a system administrator that is already familiar with configuration file formats of common Unix software.

Read the Getting Started Guide and get your hands dirty.

MetaConfig - Configuration Management and Automation

MetaConfig is a configuration management system that can be used on individual machines as well as fully automated private clouds. For a brief overview of MetaConfig's unique features check out the features page.

Who is using MetaConfig?

  • Meebox

  • Eventa

  • Lindau Trading


  • ... and many more